Adam Schefter is mistakenly ‘terminated’ in ESPN computer system, goes 14 hours between tweets as devices go dark

ESPN viewers know two things about Adam Schefter: He gets as many NFL scoops as anyone, and he’s always on his phone.

Seriously, the man can occasionally be seen sending or receiving text messages while on the air.



So when he rose Friday morning with zero new e-mails on his iPhones (he has two), one of football’s most connected reporters knew something was wrong.

Schefter had been mistakenly terminated in ESPN’s computer system. Both phones, plus a laptop and an iPad, were deactivated.

Schefter without a working device is like Tom Brady without a football. (Incidentally, Schefter needs his devices to report on Brady’s footballs.)

By Friday afternoon, one of the iPhones was working again, but the other was still out of commission. Schefter nearly missed an appearance on SportsCenter because he didn’t see an e-mail from the producer until several hours after it was sent.

“It’s comical,” Schefter said, though he acknowledged the technical difficulties, which began Thursday evening, have been frustrating.

Schefter went more than 14 hours between tweets — an eternity by his standard.

“It’s hard enough to do our jobs without having to deal with all this other stuff,” he said. “When many people leave work, they really leave work. But that’s not the way my job works.”

Seth Markman, ESPN’s senior coordinating producer for NFL studio production, tweeted Friday that “someone at ESPN ‘accidentally’ placed @AdamSchefter on the terminated list. Devices have been deactivated. Looking for suspects.”

Schefter clarified that Markman was joking and said there is no indication that the deactivation was intentional.

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