Another $4M for Ditto Labs, helping marketers scan social media photos

Ditto Labs 920

The combination of smartphones and social media means people are pumping out more public photos than ever before. And marketers are paying attention.

Ditto Labs, a Cambridge-based startup that sells image-analysis software to marketers, is capitalizing on this trend. On Thursday, Ditto announced that investors have poured another $4 million into the company, which had raised a total of about $3.6 million previously.

The company says its system can scan publicly posted photos and detect certain details of what is shown in each image, including corporate logos, types of clothing, human faces, and background scenery. That information, Ditto says, “helps dog food companies find pet owners, diaper makers discover new parents, outdoor sports retailers reach campers, and beer makers target people feasting on nachos.” 

“Ditto is the only company with computer vision technology purpose-built to parse what appears in Instagram-filtered, poorly lit, and blurry low-resolution photos,” investor David Baum of Stage 1 Ventures said in a press release.

One of Ditto’s advisers and previous investors is Mike Sheehan, chief executive of The Boston Globe.