VentureApp, with backing from Accomplice, wants to link founders with services they need

VentureApp founders Greg Gomer and Chase Garbarino. Screen capture from their YouTube series.
VentureApp founders Greg Gomer and Chase Garbarino. Screen capture from their YouTube series.

The founders of two local marketing and media startups, DailyBreak and Streetwise Media, have banded together on a new project called VentureApp. Their mission: helping streamline the process of starting a new company.

VentureApp has five employees, according to job listings, and the company has raised an initial round of roughly $1.5 million in funding from several angel investors and Accomplice, a venture capital firm in Cambridge that spun off from Atlas Venture. VentureApp is operating out of Accomplice’s East Cambridge office.

VentureApp’s team includes Boris Revsin and Jared Stenquist, founders of DailyBreak, and Chase Garbarino, Kevin McCarthy, and Greg Gomer, founders of Streetwise Media, which runs BostInno and a network of websites in other cities. DailyBreak, originally founded on the campus of UMass-Amherst, created games and challenges that helped advertisers build awareness among consumers; it was acquired last year by Connelly Partners, a Boston marketing agency. Streetwise was acquired in 2012 by American City Business Journals, a unit of Advance Publications. The price tag was not announced on either deal.

Garbarino says that he, Gomer, and McCarthy plan to stay involved with Streetwise Media as board members, advisors, and technical consultants, but that the three are “all fully on VentureApp” now.

The founders of VentureApp aren’t yet talking in detail about their plans, but Garbarino describes it as a “concierge”-style service that will help entrepreneurs tackle some of the mundane tasks involved in setting up and growing a business. A job posting says that it is “building both mobile and web applications that provide top startups with on-demand support.” Several people familiar with the concept say VentureApp is focused on helping young companies simplify the process of finding and working with providers of professional services like insurance, accounting, or human resources. Both providers and entrepreneurs must apply and be screened to get access to the system.

“BostInno started as a side project, and as many people know, I didn’t have any background in journalism,” Garbarino says. “I was always pretty transparent about the fact that I was trying to have a positive impact on the tech community. We think that VentureApp is the next evolution of a platform that we think can help further innovation, not just in Boston, but eventually beyond Boston.”

The company has just a placeholder site up… for now.

(Disclosure: I’ve been an occasional guest on the BostInno Beat, a YouTube series hosted by Gomer and Garbarino.)

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