Half of new Techstars Boston class hails from outside the US

A Mother's Day card made by LovePop, one of the startups participating in the 2015 Techstars Boston entrepreneurship program.
A Mother's Day card made by LovePop, one of the startups participating in the 2015 Techstars Boston entrepreneurship program.

Recruiting trips around Europe over the winter by the head of the Techstars Boston entrepreneurship program have resulted in a geographically diverse new group of participating companies. Two hail from Canada, two from Ukraine, one from Spain, and one from Portugal. The remaining half-dozen startups that will hone their products and their pitches during the three-month program come from the Boston area.

The 2015 Techstars Boston cohort includes ventures in grocery delivery, greeting cards, and 3-D printing. One, Netra, which uses artificial intelligence to understand what is happening in video footage, has already attracted funding from Dallas Mavericks owner and “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban.

Here’s the complete list of companies, with descriptions provided by Techstars. I’ve also indicated which companies come from outside the States, and included links to previous coverage.

• AdmitHub
“AdmitHub optimizes the admissions process for students, counselors and colleges.”
(AdmitHub was a winner of the 1776 Challenge Cup back in February.)

• Cuseum
“Cuseum is the museum engagement platform.”
(I covered Cuseum earlier in the year, when it was known as Spotzer. The startup has already raised $1.2 million in funding.)

• doDOC (Portugal)
“doDOC [enables] cloud-based, automatic creation of documents for organizations where regulatory compliance is critical.”

• GVMachines (Ukraine)
“GVMachines is a white-label grocery delivery service.”

• Hot (Spain)
“Hot offers last minute hotel bookings for global markets.”

• Kwambio (Ukraine)
“Kwambio is a platform for creating unique, personalized products on 3D printers.”

• LovePop
“LovePop creates intricate paper art that pops.”

• Netra (Canada)
“Netra makes machine vision and deep learning for multi-camera video intelligence.”

• Provender (Canada)
“Provender is a marketplace for growers and buyers of fresh food.”

• Shearwater
“Shearwater keeps international students enrolled and engaged.”

• SmackHigh
“SmackHigh is the place for teens to express themselves and be heard.
(I mentioned SmackHigh in this 2014 piece about social startups.)

• ThriveHive
ThriveHive offers guided marketing for small businesses.
(BetaBoston covered ThriveHive last July.)

The program wraps up with a “demo day” on Sept.  1, when the companies will present to an audience of investors.

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