Will Claflin of CTP is a digital storyteller with a piano keyboard at his desk

Digital Storyteller Will Claflin works at his desk at CTP in Boston. Photo: Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe.
Digital Storyteller Will Claflin works at his desk at CTP in Boston. Photo: Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe.

Will Claflin is a digital storyteller at CTP, a Boston advertising and public relations firm that has worked with the Red Sox, New Balance, and Eastern Bank. He shared his digital habits with the Download.

What exactly does a digital storyteller do? Really it’s leveraging everything in the digital world to tell a better story for your client, whether that’s through social, broadcast, or digital media.

So how do you take in other digital stories? It’s hard to say one, as I’m constantly multitasking and I have a short ­attention span. I use Twitter for the latest breaking news, but if I want to laugh and feel creative, I’ll go to Instagram. The cool thing about digital storytelling is that you can do it in 15 seconds or 15 minutes. With a podcast you can get an hour or two of amazing, riveting content. There’s so much storytelling from so many different sources, all these networks to keep my brain sizzling.

What keeps you organized? I use Google Calendar for meetings. For my own ideas, I will use the little notes app. I’m a musician, and before that, I used to use the old method of calling my home phone with my cellphone and leaving myself a message with an idea for a guitar line.

Any other cool ways to make music? I make music on the fly at work all the time with Apple Logic. It’s so quick . . . so within two minutes I’ll pull up any instrument in the universe and compose it with the M-Audio Oxygen 25 mini keyboard I keep on my desk.

Do you self-track? CTP invented their own award system called Boost, a companywide app that tracks your wellness. If you take the stairs up to the office or run on the treadmill at work you get a certain amount of points. It goes across all aspects of your day, so you get awarded if you exercise or take a class to enrich your life. This was created for us to be better, happier, and lead a more well-balanced lifestyle.

How do you unplug? It’s funny. I just recently I had my 40th birthday, so I took my family and rented a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado and drove from LA to Laguna Niguel. I told myself that I was going to unplug. But then I found myself using the hashtag #Cali40 telling a story on Instagram.

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