Flare Capital, Slow Ventures raise new investment funds in health IT and tech

(<a href="http://www.shutterstock.com/s/tally/search.html">Image of bankers</a> via Shutterstock)
(Image of bankers via Shutterstock)

Money is flooding into startups and growing private companies, which means those investors need to reload.

Today, a pair of investment funds with Boston-area lead investors are announcing that they’ve put together new pools of cash to put into startups.

The larger of the two is Flare Capital, which was previously known as Foundation Medical Partners. Flare says it’s raised a new $200 million fund, with Boston-area startups Iora Health and Predilytics among the first few investments.

Flare Capital is led by general partners Bill Geary, Michael Greeley, and Lee Wrubel. Boston Children’s Hospital is one of the institutional investors backing the fund.

Also making news today is Slow Ventures, an early stage investment group made up of former Facebook executives. Slow started off life as a private investment club, but has now grown into a small investment fund, raising $65 million from an unnamed group of tech-industry entrepreneurs, executives, and venture capital firms.

Former Facebook sales executive Kevin Colleran, who is based in Boston, will manage Slow Ventures. Former Facebookers Dave Morin and Sam Lessin also are partners in the fund, although they are mainly focused on their own entrepreneurial ventures — Morin is the CEO of social app developer Path, and Lessin is helping build tech-news site The Information, which is led by his wife, journalist Jessica Lessin.