The Download: Rick Faulk uses his smartphone to keep tabs on his Tesla and his golf game

Rick Faulk manages most of his life from his smartphone. Photo: Michele McDonald
Rick Faulk manages most of his life from his smartphone. Photo: Michele McDonald

Rick Faulk is the chief executive of Intronis in Chelmsford, a cloud-based backup and recovery service. His reliance on the cloud translates to nearly every aspect of his life: He controls his car, his home, and his business dealings through a series of smartphone apps.

What device gets you up in the morning? Most mornings I do all of my email on my iPad while I’m on the elliptical that I have at home. Then I start my Tesla with my iPhone. You can also turn on the heat through the phone app, which was really nice during the winter. Driving a Tesla is like being on a Disney ride ­— it goes from zero to sixty in four seconds.

Do you actually take it out and go zero to 60? If you do, you typically go to jail. I’m actually thinking of putting mine on eBay and getting the new one that’s coming out. It has a driverless mode that really works. I test drove one recently and when you get in you can literally take your hands off the wheel.

So you like to make things easy for yourself. I’ve got my iPhone programmed to control my whole house with ADT. I can look at all the cameras in my house with my iPhone, or I can open my front door. I was recently on a trip in the Galapagos and the cleaning lady came a day early. I opened the door with my iPhone from 9,000 miles away.

What keeps you organized? EverNote is my go-to choice one for note-taking in meetings and catching audio conversations. I sit on five different boards of directors and I have a tab for each of those boards.

Do you self-track? How many steps have you taken today? I do use the health app on the iPhone to track my steps. Today already I’ve walked 1.3 miles. I’ll be one of the first in line to buy the Apple Watch. I’m generally the oldest guy in the Apple line whenever they come out with a new product.

How old are you? I was born in ‘49.

Any favorite devices that you use in your downtime? There’s a company that I know very well, Arccos Golf, which has a little device that screws into the end of your club. When you hit a golf shot, it tracks how far you hit that shot, where it went, and which club you used. It will map out your whole round on Google Maps when you’re done. When you’re on the 19th hole drinking a beer you can brag to all of your friends.

How do you unplug? To be honest with you, never. I enjoy technology and I wouldn’t know how.

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