The Download: Boston’s chief digital officer, Lauren Lockwood

Lauren Lockwood, chief digital officer for the city of Boston, works at her desk in City Hall. Photo: Sean Proctor/Globe Staff.
Lauren Lockwood, chief digital officer for the city of Boston, works at her desk in City Hall. Photo: Sean Proctor/Globe Staff.

As chief digital officer for the City of Boston, Lauren Lockwood uses her smartphone for things like social media, checking the news, and arranging transportation. Here, she shares her digital habits with The Download.

What device gets you up in the morning? It’s my iPhone. I have an alarm set, but my dog helps as well.

How do you take in your news? From a number of sources. I carefully look at Twitter; The New York Times is my home page. But Twitter is one of the main sources I look at for news. We have the news playing on the TV in the background when I’m getting ready in the morning.

What was the last app you downloaded? Let me check
my phone right now, let’s see. Dark Sky. It’s a great app.
It’s a hyperlocal weather forecasting app. It tells you when there are going to be breaks in the rain so you can pop out and get lunch.

Do you have a social network of choice? I’m obviously on Facebook and LinkedIn and use those for different but regular­ purposes. Facebook is more friends, acquaintances, people I’ve met through friends of friends. LinkedIn is much more on a professional basis, colleagues versus people­ I consider close friends.

Who is a must-follow on Twitter? One fun thing I really like doing on my phone is @ProductHunt. They give ­insights into new products that are on the market.

What’s the last photo you’ve taken on your phone? In my kitchen, I keep a chalkboard of all my groceries. So I need to take a photo of it before I go to the grocery store. If it’s one thing in my life I need to digitize, it’s my grocery list.

What was the last book you read? On what platform? “The Everything Store,” about Amazon. I listened to it on AudioBooks on the way to work.

Do you use the Uber taxi app? Oh, yes, religiously.
I don’t have a car, so that’s my form of transportation. That and the subway.

How do you unplug? Do you unplug? I do try to unplug.
My husband and I really like going on cycling trips. We do a little bit of that to unwind. We don’t eat out much; we end up cooking and barbecuing a lot at home. It’s time to put the phones down. We usually listen to a podcast while we cook, “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” on NPR or something.

Do we have a favorite cooking app then? Um, no. That’s one of the fun things to experiment with offline. I don’t usually rely on an app for that.

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