Clypd opens up more programmatic television tools to ad firms and media companies

The clypd team (Photo via clypd)
The clypd team (Photo via clypd)

Just as the Internet has learned to track your digital habits, sending you ads that follow your buying and surfing patterns, programmatic television advertising promises to make television ads more direct and personalized to consumers’ habits.

This week, Somerville-based programmatic TV advertising company clypd announced that it has released a standalone enterprise-focused product that it hopes will allow the company to tap more deeply into the $80 billion television ad market.

Clypd has helped innovate TV advertising with its programmatic sales platform that brings to broadcast television the more personalized and timely marketing that has become ubiquitous on the Internet and other digital media channels (such as Pandora or Spotify). The company’s suite of software tools enhances how TV media owners, broadcasters, or cable networks sell their advertising inventory by using up-to-date data analytics, inventory management tools, and a more automated sales process.

In essence, clypd allows the television advertising ecosystem move beyond the long relied-upon broad market targeting (think demographics like males 18-30), and tap into the more data driven advertising targeting methods that thrive online.

As Jason Burke, clypd’s vice president of product, said, “Both the media buyer and seller know who the audience is that is consuming the media and they can buy or sell advertising based on that information.”

The new product, Optimize, has long been a part of clypd’s internal programmatic television platform, but is now being offered to enterprises in order to allow them to better determine how advertisements are scheduled. “This is an important concept as programmatic advertising makes its way to TV,” said Burke. “The technical aspects and timing of TV is very different from the digital world, and Optimize brings the intelligence that has been native in programmatic to television.”

Burke said that Optimize allows both the media owners (ad firms and brands) and the premium cable and satellite distributors to run their business in the most productive way.

“What we are bringing  forward with Optimize allows clypd to take advantage of not just the activity in the programmatic sales world, which is still a lot of money,” explained Burke, “but lets clypd be a bigger part of the full $80 billion in television advertising transactions that occur every year.”

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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