Tamr unleashes new products, announces new partnership

Andy Palmer (top), Alan Wagner, and Nidhi Aggarwal of Tamr.
Andy Palmer (top), Alan Wagner, and Nidhi Aggarwal of Tamr.

Cambridge-based Tamr is making a few announcements this week out in Silicon Valley at the Strata + Hadoop World conference. Tamr, a big data for business intelligence company, is sharing news that it is launching new solutions to help businesses sift through and organize enterprise data for easier analysis, that it is releasing a new platform for companies to access unified data in a faster and simpler way, and that it has added new large enterprise customers as well as a new a strategic partner in New Jersey-based Knowledgent.

Tamr’s new business solutions have two target audiences: companies in need of data analysis for procurement applications, and biotech and pharmaceutical companies that use CDISC clinical research standards. In both cases, the company is leveraging its data-collecting and -organizing technology for very industry-specific needs. The move will make Tamr’s big data analytics and business intelligence offerings available to a larger swath of potential users.

“The biggest news is mainstream enterprise adoption,” said Tamr chief executive Andy Palmer. “We have a lot of customers now who are using our stuff on a very large scale, and everything we are announcing today is a function of that.”

“In these companies there is a lot of talk about big data, but the projects that we are doing with these customers are real projects that are delivering real value to them,” Palmer added.

He added that the new solutions are a packaged version of Tamr “with a little extra secret sauce” that makes sourcing data easier so companies don’t have to do “the heavy lifting.”

In addition to it new offerings, Tamr is also announcing that it has added General Electric, Roche, and Toyota as customers. It’s also formed a strategic partnership with New Jersey-based data consultancy Knowledgent. Palmer said the new partner and customers reflect acceptance of data analytics beyond the much buzzed about framework of “big data.”

“Knowledgent is one of these smaller service providers who is really sophisticated, who really understands the problems that our customers are dealing with, outside of this hype cycle that is going on in big data,” Palmer said. “These systems that we are deploying for companies like GE create a lot of value, independent of the hype around this big data stuff,” he added.

In the long term, Palmer believes that today’s announcements position the company to be a major player in the data analytics and business intelligence space for a while. “Our goal at Tamr is to build an independent company in every dimension,” he said.

“That’s hard to do that in Boston because there is a tendency that once a company gets a certain amount of momentum, they tend to sell out, and we are just not doing that,” Palmer said.

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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