Cybersecurity company Co3 Systems rebrands as Resilient Systems


Internet security company Co3 Systems announced today that it is rebranding as Resilient Systems. The company, which focuses on helping organizations react to security incidents, claims to protect companies from data breaches and other potentially harmful cyber attacks.

The move to change the Cambridge-based company’s name is in line with Resilient’s belief that showing resilience in the face of the constant and growing threat of cyberattacks is more important than building security measures aimed at stopping attacks.

John Bruce, Resilient’s chief executive, said that in his 20 years in the security business, he has seen plenty of companies working on threat prevention and detection, but, “hardly anybody is focused on response,” which is what differentiates Resilient in the space. With customers like Marks and Spencer, Boston Children’s Hospital, and others, as well as revenue close to $10 million, it seems as if the company is filling that need successfully.

“Attacks are getting more prevalent, more complex, and they are getting more damaging,” Bruce explained. “So we built a company that does more than just detection and prevention, but has tools for a response.”

As it happens, the company’s chief technology officer, Bruce Schneier, is one of the pre-eminent names in security thought leadership. At the recent Cyber Security Symposium, Schneier said improving the ability for individuals and organizations to respond to attacks instantly is going to be vital in an age where threats are coming from all over and are more sophisticated. “This is the decade where instant response becomes a serious product services category in IT. This is the way to counter the threats,” Schneier said at the Cyber Security Symposium.

Resilient’s chief executive agrees wholeheartedly with Schneier, and believes the company is aligned with his ideas on the current state of cybersecurity. “He been talking about what we represent for the past 20 years or more,” said John Bruce. “He believes that we’ve got a lot of technology now, but what we lack is the ability to bring together people, process, and technology at the time you need it.”

“And that’s what we do,” Bruce added. “Our role is to empower organizations to become more resilient in the face of attacks.”

In addition to charting a different course with its name change, Resilient is looking to grow pretty rapidly in 2015 by doubling its current employee headcount. “We want to build a huge software company in Massachusetts,” Bruce added.

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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