#TellBeta: Is your tech company doing enough to support women?

A female office worker at Facebook headquarters in California. AFP/Getty Images
A female office worker at Facebook headquarters in California. AFP/Getty Images


Women in Tech

Callum Borchers has a story in today’s Globe about the difficulties many women face in the tech industry. From kegs and Xboxes in offices to out-and-out misogyny, it’s clear there is still a long way to go in terms of establishing gender equity in the industry.

As Borchers writes:

Women executives say they are sometimes overlooked when their corporate teams meet with outsiders, such as venture capitalists, most of whom are male. When a job opens up, managers often talk about needing to find the right “guy,” suggesting the best candidate will probably be a man.

Still, some efforts are being made to balance the scales. Several companies, including Google and Intel, have made public efforts to promote diversity initiatives. Other companies have made smaller changes yet still seen significant impact. PayPal executive David Chang told Borchers that when he reoriented the decision-making process for their Boston area Shark Tank to include a panel of judges (instead of him alone) many more female entrepreneurs were included in the program.

So I want to know: What other efforts are being made by Boston-area companies to promote women within their workplaces? And alternatively, what examples are there that still indicate that we have a way to go?

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