The Download: Jay Acunzo of NextView Ventures

Globe Staff/Photographer Jonathan Wiggs
Globe Staff/Photographer Jonathan Wiggs


The Download

Jay Acunzo is director of platform and community development at NextView Ventures, a seed-stage venture firm in Boston that invests in web and mobile startups. Prior to holding that role, he was a digital and social media strategist at Google and was the head of content and blogging at Hubspot. He shared his daily digital habits with The Download.

What’s the device or app you can’t live without?

It’s pretty cliched, but Evernote. It basically dictates my day and my week.

What’s the first app you open on your phone?

Bridj. They’re in our portfolio — so full disclosure — but now that they have a mobile app that’s my ride to work, and so I check it to see if everything is running smoothly and arriving at the same time and same location as yesterday.

How do you take in your news?

Like a crazy person. I have a Feedly RSS subscription and a private Twitter list called “People I learn from.” I farm links into Pocket, which becomes my one-stop shop for all of my reading.

What keeps you organized?

Aside from Evernote, Byword is how I clear away all the noise and actually get work done. It’s my markdown editor, it gives you a clean, full-screen place to write.

Do you self-track? How many steps have you taken today?

No I do not. I do have a calendar on my wall in my bedroom where I check off the days when I got to the gym — that’s the most self-tracking that I do. Please don’t ask my how many times I’ve checked it off this week.

How many unopened e-mails are currently in your in-box?

I very rarely let it get above 20. It’s usually somewhere in the low teens. Otherwise I get pretty stressed out.

Who’s the last person you texted?

Probably my mom. I’m your stereotypical Italian-American momma’s boy. She’ll text me an update with 15 emojis, so I’m obliged to respond with 16. My dad is a software engineer. He introduces her to new technology, and two years later she adopts it harder than a teenager.

How do you unplug?

I cook with my wife.

How do you recharge?

I have a bookmarked folder that has great talks in it. It says “open when lazy.”

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