Skyhook Wireless partners with FiLIP Technologies to improve wearable child locator

Photo via FiLIP
Photo via FiLIP

Boston-based Skyhook Wireless, a location tracking company, announced at the CES in Las Vegas today that it has partnered with wearable child tracker-maker FiLIP Technology to improve the accuracy and speed at which it can locate a child wearing a FiLIP 2 device.

Part watch, part location tracker, and part emergency indicator, the FiLIP 2 connects to a mobile application that makes it possible for children to communicate with their parents, parents to keep an eye on a child’s whereabouts, and, when necessary, for a child to send a quick distress message when they are in trouble or an emergency arises. Skyhook’s technology, which triangulates a location using assisted GPS, Wi-Fi hotspots, and cellular networks, will better allow parents to locate and communicate with their children who wear the FiLIP 2.

The company’s services will bring quicker, more accurate latitude and longitude positioning to FiLIP’s location technology, said Mike Schneider, Skyhook’s vice president of marketing, and will elongate the battery life of the device.

FiLIP Technology chief executive Jonathan Peachey said of the partnership, “As wearables quickly become mainstream, FiLIP’s focus is shifting from determining location to providing deeply engaging experiences based on location.”

“What could happen when a child’s FiLIP pairs with a parent’s car? What surprising things could happen when two children wearing a FiLIP walk past each other? Maybe a school field trip along Boston’s Freedom Trail becomes a customized experience based on micro-location?” he said. “Partnering with Skyhook allows us to explore these possibilities.”

That future would rely heavily on technologies that Skyhook has developed and is continuing to work on including geofencing technology, which could also be used to alert a parent when a child is somewhere they shouldn’t be. Skyhook is also working on improving indoor location tracking services, which could have various uses for FiLIP.

“This is a thumbs up for Skyhook,” said Schneider. “FiLIP is relying on us to provide precision location for the most vital use case there is, the location of kids.”

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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