2015: The year we’ll harness our health data


Next year is going to be the year of “collaborative health.” We will see exciting new combinations of technology, data, and people that elevate the impact each has on the outcomes, costs and quality of care delivery.

I expect to see a rise of comprehensive health apps and platforms instead of those for individual diseases. People don’t think about themselves as a disease, especially because many struggle with multiple chronic illnesses; innovators will create tools to improve health and the healthcare experience.

I also anticipate seeing data liberated from product-specific silos, such as pairing pedometer data with diet history and blood pressure readings. This will allow for a more powerful experience especially when shared with family, friends, and care teams. Fortunately, platforms such as Apple Healthkit and Google Fit have created infrastructure to support this movement.

With the rise of collaborative care, it will become clear that people have the most impact on the quality and cost of healthcare. Their apps and devices will create indispensable data. They will demand care whenever and wherever they need it, just as they have from banking, shopping, and travel services. Healthcare organizations will respond, and everyone will benefit.

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John Moore is a physician and technologist passionate about empowering patients to take the lead in their care. He is the CEO of Twine Health, a startup focused on improving the experience, clinical outcomes, and costs of chronic disease care.
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