Mobile ad software innovator Adelphic gets $11 million in new funding

Adelphic Mobile raised $11 million in new funding. Image via Google Ventures
Adelphic Mobile raised $11 million in new funding. Image via Google Ventures

Adelphic, the Waltham-based mobile advertising software developer that allows brands to target users across devices, has added $11 million in new funding to the $12 million is has raised previously.

Founded in 2010 by former Quattro Wireless team members Jennifer Lum and Changfeng Wang, Adelphic has developed a program of algorithm-driven, “predictive modeling” for mobile advertising that better targets customers for ad campaigns. Adelphic’s patented software takes large swaths of data and uses it to develop an understanding of consumer behavior, which creates better insights on how brands can target potential customers on mobile devices.

One distinct shift that the company is making these days is that it is talking about ad campaigns focused on individuals instead of devices.

“Right now, we focus on mobile. But one important differentiator is that we came to connect our clients and their brands to the users behind the devices,” said Adelphic chief executive Michael Collins, citing wearables, cars, and programmatic television as new frontiers to reach consumers through advertising.

“The devices don’t buy things, people buy things,” he added. “We can give brands an understanding of the people behind the devices.”

Collins also said that the company plans to use the funding to help expand its products internationally. In particular, Adelphic plans growth in Europe, as well as Asia and the Pacific.

The Series B funding round was led by Blue Chip Venture Company and joined by previous investors Google Ventures and Matrix Partners.

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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