JessMeetKen, a dating site that lets women do the choosing, is now live

At JessMeetKen, women upload profiles of the men they think are boyfriend-worthy.
At JessMeetKen, women upload profiles of the men they think are boyfriend-worthy.

Ladies and gentlemen: The dating site JessMeetKen is finally a go.

The company’s founder, Ken Deckinger, told me this morning that JessMeetKen has finally opened and is now beginning to let its members make connections. The site is unique in that it only allows women to post profiles of their male friends and acquaintances that they think are great boyfriend (or husband) material, thus removing the possibility that guys may write absurd (read: skewed) profiles of themselves. Once the profiles are posted online JessMeetKen then allows the intermediaries to connect potential matches with each other.

“Until now, the site only allowed women the ability to put profiles up and post guys,” Deckinger said, “but today, we are letting people see all the people that have been posted and actually start talking to each other.”

Deckinger said he’s spent the last few months recruiting women to post their favorite available guys to the site. (“An online dating site only works if you have people,” he admitted.) He said they now have thousands of eligible bachelors, “and now women can start talking to each other to make introductions.”

JessMeetKen’s team has had previous experience in the online dating space. Deckinger co-founded HurryDate, an early speed dating site, with his current co-founder Adele Jongish back in 2001. The site was later acquired by Spark Networks, the company that runs ChristianMingle and JDate.

After a stint at MassChallenge, Deckinger has been bootstrapping his small company and making the venture capital rounds in hopes of adding some outside funding. He said he believes the concept behind the site — that women can be the best arbiters of who makes a great match — has definite promise, and that’s based in part on his own personal experience: It’s how he met his wife.

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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