Dispatch gets $3.1 million to make services and repair industries work better for customers

Screenshots via Dispatch
Screenshots via Dispatch

Dispatch, a Boston-based startup that has developed scheduling and delivery software for on-demand services, announced a $3.1 million seed round of funding today to help industries that have yet offer their customers the benefits of mobile technology. 

At the most basic level, Dispatch wants to bring better customer service to industries that have been notoriously awful at engaging with customers and being accurate in terms of scheduling.

The company has targeted legacy systems (think clunky scheduling and payments software) for on-demand businesses that tend to be stuck in the digital Stone Age, like phone and cable companies and home repair services. Dispatch is looking to add the ease of use and user experience seen in apps like Uber (ugh!) and Instacart to these less digitally savvy institutions. Their goal is that customers will be able to find, book, and pay for services quickly, while also allowing users to track when the technician will actually arrive for an assignment.

Dispatch founder Avi Goldberg is no stranger to innovating. He has been involved in 10 startups and already had a successful exit as a founder of GreatPoint Energy.

Goldberg explained that he came up with the idea for Dispatch after a brutal experience dealing with service, repair, and warranty companies. “I was home, and my washing machine broke,” he said. “So I called Home Depot, called the warranty company, was told to call five other companies, and ended up having to buy a new washing machine.”

“The experience was a completely broken experience for me,” Goldberg said. “As an entrepreneur I thought that I need to do something that fixes the problem.”

“From the standpoint of the companies [like Home Depot] I needed to give them the tools that allow them to have visibility and also gives the availability of the network of their third party providers,” Goldberg added.

“Dispatch allows legacy companies to compete and provides them with the infrastructure for the on-demand economy,” he said.

In a statement, Jeff Wall, president and chief executive of Handyman Connection said, “We have an exceptional network of home repair professionals, but wanted to provide our customers with greater ease in scheduling and to significantly reduce the wait times so they don’t have to sit around half the day waiting for someone to show up.”

“Dispatch’s service will help us create a much better customer experience,” Wall added.

The investment funding was co-led by GrandBanks Capital and Promus, also included Salesforce Ventures, Ray Lane, Mark Goldstein, Launch Capital, and Kima Ventures.

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