Data Point Capital adds iRobot founder Colin Angle as special adviser

Colin Angle - Photo via iRobot
Colin Angle - Photo via iRobot

Data Point Capital, the Boston-based venture capital firm started by former founder Scott Savitz, announced this morning that it has added iRobot co-founder Colin Angle to its impressive group of advisers/investors.

Data Point, which backs Internet-focused companies, was formed by Savitz in 2012. The firm is uniquely organized, with a special advisory group of experienced entrepreneurs who have invested in the fund and also serve as advisers (and possibly board members) to Data Point portfolio companies. Jebbit, Clypd, Vee24, CoachUp, and most recently Print Syndicate, are some of the companies that have been backed by Data Point.

As a new member to the firm’s advisory group, Angle will bring not only the experience culled from building one of Boston’s most successful hardware/robotics companies in iRobot, but will also add his understanding of entrepreneurship, in general, that could be beneficial to many of Data Point’s portfolio companies.

“I am thrilled to be involved,” said Angle in a statement. “Scott has put together a group of individuals that have proven they can achieve great success.”

That group of highly regarded entrepreneurs, which makes up Data Point’s advisory team, includes Diane Hessen who now leads Startup Institute, SessionM’s Lars Albright, Desh Deshpande who led Sycamore Networks, former Clarks president Jim Salzano, Endeca founder Steve Papa, former Babson President Len Schlesinger, founder Alan Phillips, and Fred Bertino past president and chief creative officer at Hill Holliday.

In an e-mail, Savitz said that Data Point and its portfolio companies are performing “extremely well,” which, as he explained, can be attributed to “the combination of working with incredible entrepreneurs and having a team that has traveled in our entrepreneurs’ footsteps building very big businesses.”

“Colin fits right into that having created one of New England’s best success stories,” Savitz added. “I couldn’t be more excited by this group and with all the great stuff happening around Boston.”

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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