Three tech things: Egg-freezing at Apple and Facebook, password-killing wristbands, the smart lock that’s disrupting keys


Everyone is talking about August’s new “Smart Lock” device that lets you enter your house with your smartphone, and the reception is mixed. The good: It’s simple to install, you get notifications about who goes in and out. A bonus: The Smart Lock knows when you are close—geofencing!—and unlocks when you walk up to it. The bad: It doesn’t always work.

Nymi, the wristband that ID’s you by your heartbeat, is shipping to developers today. It’s a password-less way of securing your other devices. Its Toronto maker Bionym closed $14 million in funding in September.

Facebook and Apple will start paying for women employees to freeze their eggs. Women who’d otherwise pause their executive-track careers in their 30s to have kids may have the choice to delay the kid-bearing until later. Anna Helen Peterson of Buzzfeed started a fascinating discussion about the flip side of this move.

Oh, and Mark Zuckerberg bought a great big chunk of a Hawaiian island. There are pictures.


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