Panorama Education adds Harvard School of Education’s Hunter Gehlbach to team

Photo via Panorama Education
Photo via Panorama Education

Panorama Education, which uses surveys to help schools and teachers better serve their students, announced today that Hunter Gehlbach, an associate professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, will be joining the company as its director of research.

The company said that Gehlbach will continue as an associate professor at Harvard, where he works with students on research projects focused on survey design.

“His focus is going to be making sure that beyond our student surveys we are asking students survey questions in the right way,” said Panorama Education founder and chief exectutive Aaron Feuer. “Second, surveys are tools to measure, and Dr. Gehlbach is going to help us figure out what are the most important things to measure, and how do we measure them.”

Gehlbach was previously a social studies teacher in Pennsylvania before getting involved in the policy side of education. “He’s the rare combination of former teacher, and survey researcher, and education psychologist, all mixed into one, so for that was the perfect combination,” said Feuer.

Gehlbach recently worked on a project in conjunction with Panorama, helping his students and the company build more targeted surveys to help teachers better understand the needs and challenges of their students.

“I couldn’t be anymore excited to work with Panorama,” Gehlbach said.

He explained that, from his findings, the little decisions that go into the development of surveys can make a huge difference in the quality of the data that you get back from students. The way that Panorama develops surveys puts a deep emphasis on empowering students, “Because Panorama careS so deeply about getting all the little details right, I was particularly excited to jump on board,” he said.

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