‘Descience’ fashion show at MIT displays the glamorous side of science


Glowing LEDS, geometric silks, 3-D-printed headdresses, and cage-like bras were on display at a science-themed fashion show at the MIT Media Lab this week, each a daring blend of science and style. The garments were the product of a mind-meld between teams of scientists and designers from across the world, as part of the first-ever Descience contest.

Each garment echoed the science the researcher in the team was studying. Net-like vasculature inspired the body of a blood-red gown. Finger-like projections in carbon nanostructures turned into ruffles in a tied-to-dye Shiboris skirt. A 3-D printed bra and headdress represented the boxy connections between cell and cell.

After a fashion show at the MIT Media Lab on Monday, a selection of the designs were on display at the Koch Institute at MIT. We caught up with a few of the scientists and designers. Click through to learn more about each design.

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