Skyhook launches new technology to deliver more targeted, personalized mobile content


Skyhook Wireless, one of the pioneers of wireless positioning technology and location intelligence, announced Wednesday a new location-based “Context Accelerator” that allows brands to deliver personalized content — advertisements, relevant blog posts, restaurant and store reviews — to mobile device users anywhere.

Basically, Skyhook is offering access to precision positioning technology for marketers, advertisers, and even small businesses, that has previously been too expensive or too complicated to implement. With the more accessible context accelerator, mobile apps can engage with users based on their precise location and brands can more specifically target mobile users with advertising campaigns that use the most advanced location-based tools.

“This is going to change how companies can interact with mobile users anywhere,” new Skyhook chief executive Jim Crowley said.

“We are making location context technology available to companies of all sizes,” he added. “Now, early stage and growth companies can use technology that was previously inaccessible.”

Skyhook played a prominent role in the early days of the smart phone, and specifically the iPhone, with its then unmatched beacon-based, Wi-Fi location positioning, known as hybrid positioning. The company was acquired by TruePostion earlier this year, but continues to operate on its own, and to innovate in the beacon/location-based space.

One of the many new features of the context platform allows companies to generate anonymous profiles of mobile app users and their behaviors in multiple venues.

The context accelerator adds what Crowley called an “actionable data layer of context that helps customers understand their users with an added level of anonymity that also respects their privacy.”

Additionally, the context accelerator offers geofencing features built into the platform that allow companies to access technology to create geofences, invisible digital boundaries, around their stores, restaurants, or entire buildings, to target existing and potential customers.


Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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