Dyn announces real-time feedback tool for businesses online

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Image 'closeup of a network hub' via Shutterstock

Dyn, the Internet performance company based in Manchester, N.H., has released a new software product that can give enterprise companies real-time updates on their Internet connectivity and “routing data.”

“Dyn Internet Intelligence” is built on technology being down by Hanover, N.H.’s Renesys, which the company acquired in May.

Scott Hilton, executive vice president of product at Dyn, said of the new product release, “Our goal is to provide insight and the ability for customers of ours to have the ability to monitor, control, and optimize how the internet works for them in a way that’s not been done for them before.”

“It’s about making sure the customers have the best experience from the performance perspective,” Hilton added. “They can know when there is an issue on the Internet that is going to effect their e-commerce site or their media site.”

Hilton said that many companies have “point-to-point” network solutions, but no one has the broad Internet capabilities that Dyn has with its Internet Intelligence product.

The new product will help companies find out where to locate their next global data center, help companies who are moving their applications to the cloud, and serve as a tool for anyone who runs cloud-based services to monitor its online software performance.

“We really think this is a key step in our progression to becoming a truly integrated Internet performance company,” Hilton said.

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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