Patriots receiver Julian Edelman joining CoachUp’s Athlete Advisory Council

Julian Edelman (image via CoachUp)
Julian Edelman (image via CoachUp)

Joining a host of other local athletes taking part in the Boston startup scene, New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman will be joining CoachUp’s Athlete Advisory Council.

CoachUp offers an online marketplace that connects private coaches with athletes of all ages — kids trying a sport for the first time, high schoolers or college students looking to take their skills to the next level, or adults who want to improve in golf, skiing, or other similar sports.

This morning, Edelman was at CoachUp’s Boston office talking with the media.

Part of the appeal for Edelman to join forces with the company was his own experience of growing up playing football in California.

What CoachUp is doing with private coaches “eerily resembled my career,” Edelman said.

“It brought me back to when I was in high school, and my father put me through rigorous quarterback drills,” he said. “I’d go out and throw a hundred balls, and it was great work but it wasn’t getting me to where I wanted to go, which was to being a Division 1 quarterback.”

Edelman ended up linking up with former University of California-Berkeley coach Roger Theder who was working with a number of famous quarterbacks and helping out younger kids. “He would teach fundamentals, throwing techniques, all the stuff that the pros were getting.”

“My dad didn’t know that stuff,” Edelman said. “We’d go out and work hard, but we wouldn’t work smart.”

“CoachUp is a service that allows kids to learn how to work smarter,” Edelman said.

Edelman also said that private coaches are even more important these days as fewer kids are playing multiple sports and more young athletes are getting all sorts of different private coaching for individual skills in specific sports. “With how competitive it is these days for everyone, [CoachUp] is great to teach kids the sport and it is great for young athletes who are trying to further, or go to the next level with what they are trying to do,” Edelman said.

“I believe in CoachUp and its going to be a great service,” Edelman said. “It’s growing, there’s a market for it, and it can benefit youth, without a doubt.”

As CoachUp founder and chief executive Jordan Fliegel explained, Edelman joining up with the company, which connects private coaches with athletes of all ages, is “a great story of a local celeb athlete, and local startup teaming up around a shared mission.”

CoachUp isn’t the only local company with group of advisor athletes. Smart sensor company MC10 also has the input and guidance of nationally recognized sports stars including Grant Hill, Taylor Twellman, and Andrew Luck, among others.

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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