Jebbit partners with Greater Media Boston – How a twentysomething-led ad tech startup grows

Tom Coburn (left) and Jonathan Lacoste (right) image via Jebbit
Tom Coburn (left) and Jonathan Lacoste (right) image via Jebbit

While many young Bostonians are organizing new apartments or picking classes for the fall, Tom Coburn, Jonathan Lacoste, and the rest of the team at Jebbit are making deals to build better advertising engagement for companies like Coca Cola, Samsung, Microsoft, and many more well-known brands.

You’d think a crew of twentysomethings would be happy to just make small inroads in the world of digital marketing. You would be wrong.

Jebbit aims to lead a new wave of advertising efficacy in the “post-click” age. Today, the startup announces that it has established an exclusive partnership with multimedia broadcasting company Greater Media Boston.

Greater Media, whose advertising client list includes Dunkin Donuts, Verizon, Procter and Gamble, Nissan, and Home Depot, sees Jebbit’s post-click engagement model as an ideal technology for its radio advertisers, according to a statement by Rob Williams, vice president and market manager of Greater Media Boston.

Greater Media Boston’s WMJX-FM, WBOS-FM, WKLB-FM, WROR-FM and WBQT-FM will now use Jebbit’s software that allows ads to include an interactive question-and-answer experience, which helps advertisers to build brand awareness.

“We see that engaging customers after the click is rapidly becoming popular among brands and we are capitalizing on this trend to better serve our listeners and our advertisers,” added Greater Media Boston’s Williams.

In a recent chat with Jebbit’s Tom Coburn, the chief executive and co-founder said that Jebbit has improved its products to the point that almost any marketer, even those with little to no technological know-how, can leverage the engagement tools and analytics that make up the foundation of Jebbit’s post-click products. Basically, Jebbit allows marketers to continue connecting with consumers even after they have engaged with an online advertisement.

Jebbit was founded at Boston College a few years ago and has quickly made a name for itself in the world a digital marketing. Lacoste, the company’s chief operating officer, and Coburn put their college careers on hold (although Lacoste is currently also taking classes part-time at Harvard) to build the company.

The company has raised $2.3 million from investors that include Boston Seed Capital and Data Point Capital, as well as HubSpot’s Dharmesh Shah, Sigma Prime’s John Simon, Jay Batson, and Techstars.

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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