Reddit woos mobile readers with new Ask Me Anything iPhone app


Madonna, President Obama, and Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, are part of a sparkling roster of luminaries who’ve personally answered questions from regular people on Reddit’s hugely popular Ask Me Anything channel. Today, Reddit launched a dedicated AMA mobile app with the goal of reaching even more readers.

This isn’t Reddit’s first app. The company launched a general app in 2011 which was then abandoned, according to Variety. The new app is another attempt at accessing readers who look at their phones, leveraging the 6.15 million-strong IAMA community. 

The new AMA app can alert users when a new session begins and let them submit questions, Variety reported first today. As expected, Reddit community members are already chiming in with suggestions for other features they would like to see.

Following the iOS release, an Android app in beta will be available soon.

Via Variety
Image via Reddit

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