You learn something new every day – Where Google’s Boston office ranks

Google Office Front

A couple of weeks ago I visited Google’s new expanded office in Kendall Square in Cambridge. While the office has some impressive design details (which can be seen in a gallery here), I was blown away to learn that the company has more than 800 employees in its (seemingly) smallish Boston office. 

A good portion of the employees in Google’s Boston office come from local acquisitions that the Silicon Valley-based company has made, including ITA, now running Google Flight Search. (Another recent acquisition, Boston Dynamics, is still based out of Waltham.)

With the recent acquisition of Directr, and today’s announcement that Boston-based ZYNC Render will be joining the Google Cloud Platform, who knows if the number of employees in Boston will continue to grow.

But where does Google’s Cambridge office rate in terms of Google office across the United States?

Google doesn’t disclose those numbers specifically, and a spokesperson said that Googlers tend to move from office to office to work on various projects. But as best as I can tell, the Boston office is the fourth largest.

Of course, Google has its largest presence in Mountain View, Calif., at its sprawling headquarters campus. Meanwhile, there are more than 3,500 Googlers in New York and about 1,500 at the company’s Kirkland/Seattle, Wash., office.

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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