You learn something new every day – Tourfilter now aims to be the best concert site for Boston

Arcade Fire at the Xfinity Center on Tuesday via ROSE LINCOLN FOR THE BOSTON GLOBE
Arcade Fire at the Xfinity Center on Tuesday via ROSE LINCOLN FOR THE BOSTON GLOBE

Tourfilter, a concert and music guide which launched eight years ago and operated in as many as 80 cities at one point, will now just operate with a laser-like focus on the Boston music scene as of earlier this month.

Tourfilter founder Chris Marstall said of the move, “I realized finally and decisively that I wasn’t going to make a million dollars off the site, but I wanted to maintain it in a way that it would still be fun for me.”

Marstall got sick last year and spent some time in the hospital—something that also led to the decision to narrow Tourfilter’s focus. He discussed this in a recent blog post.

He explained that the move to limit to just the Boston music scene was tough because he would leave thousands of users “in the lurch.”

“But I feel good about it because I feel like I can do a much better job just focusing on Boston,” Marstall said.

In addition to Tourfilter, Marstall has worked  as a creative technologist for The Boston Globe.

He also added that since the end of the Boston Phoenix, “I don’t think that there is a comprehensive listing and a real voice for shows in Boston, and I think Tourfilter is that. I don’t think that there is any other that you can compare it to.”

Marstall added that he’d like to expand what the site is, pointing to making changes with design and adding more personal writing.

“I am motivated [with Tourfilter] to make it the best site that I can,” he concluded.

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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