From the archives: Wayfair’s weirdest stuff


So, Wayfair’s IPO approacheth. Back in April, I wrote that “to truly be the Web’s hub for home goods, I’m thinking Wayfair ought to embrace the oddballs among us.”

Sears once touted its softer side. So, why shouldn’t Wayfair promote its weirder side?

One this late summer Friday (and if you didn’t see it the first time around), please enjoy this gallery of some of the crazy stuff Wayfair has been trying to sell:

BTW: We didn’t receive anything from Wayfair to do this or collaborate with them on it—I just have a fascination with strange consumer products (and assume that I’m not the only one).

Kyle Alspach has worked in journalism in Massachusetts since 2005 and was one of the original staff writers at BetaBoston.
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