TUGG’s Tech Gives Back day right around the corner, with new SVB partnership

Image via TUGG
Image via TUGG

Boston innovation community non-profit, Technology Underwriting Greater Good, will be holding its fourth annual Tech Gives Back day on Wednesday, Sept. 10. This year, the day-long event—at which employees of local tech companies fan out across Greater Boston to help charities with various projects—will feature a new co-host, Silicon Valley Bank.

In just two years, the event has grown from having 500 volunteers come out to lend a hand for the community to 2,000 people lined up for this year’s event. TUGG already has more than 40 local companies already involved, including Goodwin Procter, Ernst & Young, Atlas Venture, DataXu, Yesware, Bit9, PayPal, and more.

The volunteers work on projects that range from helping schools and youth centers to women and homeless shelters to various other community improvement projects.

This year’s event will benefit seven local charities: CareerVillage.org, Catie’s Closet, HSHS Youth Initiative, NBA Math Hoops, Inner City Weightlifting, ResilientCoders.org, and Science from Scientists. Last year, TUGG gave out a combined $75,000 to the non-profits involved in the Tech Gives Back day, this year they will be giving away almost $150,000.

Pamela Aldsworth, managing director at Silicon Valley Bank Capital, said that community service has always been important for SVB, and that last year, as part of the firm’s 30th anniversary, they did projects for 30 different charities throughout the country.

She said that last year SVB had more than 80 employees participate in Tech Gives Back and that this year they will have between 80-100 taking part.

Aldsworth added that when TUGG’s David Brown and Jeff Fagnon reached out to SVB, they “were more than happy to join forces with TUGG for this day.”

“You help on these community service projects and then you can continue helping with the money that we can raise for these charities,” she said.

Atlas Venture partner and TUGG co-founder Fagnon said in an email that TUGG had a choice of national tech brands, but went with Silicon Valley Bank because they wanted “a mission driven organization with a service oriented history.”
“SVB has been an anchor stakeholder in the New England tech ecosystem for many years and were the obvious choice,” he added.
More than anything, TUGG’s Tech Gives Back day is a way for some of Boston’s most successful and up-and-coming companies to make an impact on the community they are a part of. “TUGG and this event have been a great service for our community and Boston, and brings us together to do great things for many people,” SVB’s Aldsworth said.
For more info on how to play a role in the event, go to the Tech Gives Back website.

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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