You learn something new every day: RunKeeper and 50 Cent’s earbuds

(Reuters / Mario Anzuoni)
(Reuters / Mario Anzuoni)

On a quick pop into the global headquarters for fitness app RunKeeper this afternoon, I saw a pair of the new BioSport In-Ear headphones.

Come to find out, Gizmodo did a nice little breakdown of the device, which can measure a user’s heart rate and play music.

Cool Fact #1 – Currently, the only application that the device will work with is Boston’s own RunKeeper. RunKeeper has a lot more happening these days than just tracking runs and walks. Expect to hear a lot more news from the Canal Street company in the coming weeks.

Today, for instance, RunKeeper also announced RunKeeper Rewards that allows users to earn discounts and other rewards, including possibly a Pebble watch, just by piling up the miles and achieving goals. The new program stems from a partnership with San Francisco-based rewards platform Kiip.

The RunKeeper headquarters is like a Willy Wonka factory of fitness innovation these days, so it should be cool to see what the company comes up with next by way of health-focused innovation.

Cool Fact #2 – SMS Audio, the company behind the BioSport headphones, is 50 Cent’s headphone company.

Disclosure: In 2012, Dennis Keohane briefly worked at RunKeeper’s community manager desk.

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