A $10,000 Airbnb debacle in Cambridge gets reduced to $1,000

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Former General Catalyst VC Bilal Zuberi said his condo association has agreed to reduce an Airbnb-related fine to $1,000 from the initial $9,500.

The fiasco happened after Zuberi moved to California in August to join Lux Capital as a partner. He rented his condo in the Regatta Riverview Residences to a young man, who, without Zuberi’s permission, subleased the condo using Airbnb for 19 nights last year.

The condo association has a no-subleasing rule, however, and initially fined Zuberi $500 a night for the 19 nights, he said.

Zuberi took to Twitter yesterday to share his frustrations:

Today, Zuberi said in an email that the condo association ended up reducing the fine to $1,000.

The situation illustrates one of the biggest issues facing Airbnb. While the website argues that it’s not doing anything illegal by providing a way to rent out private residences, some of the actions taken by its users—such as subleasing—do end up violating laws and rules in their communities. This week, Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina said he wants to take a look at Airbnb amid concerns about the service.

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