OnForce acquired by European Adecco Group, will join with Beeline

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Lexington-based OnForce, a freelance worker-on-demand company, has been acquired by Swiss workforce services firm Adecco Group. As part of the deal, OnForce will be merging with Beeline, another workforce management company based in Florida.

Adecco, one of the world’s largest HR services companies, acquired Jacksonville-based MPS in 2010 for its Beeline product. The addition of OnForce adds even more capabilities to Beeline’s vendor management software solutions, in particular, OnForce’s freelancer management system that connects independent contractors and freelancers with companies in need of extra or outside workers for various projects.

OnForce chief executive Peter Cannone said that the acquisition will not impact OnForce’s current clients or its employees, except in the positive. “We’re thrilled, this is a marriage made in heaven,” Cannone said. “Pairing up our freelance management system with one of the top vendor management system in the world, we’ll really be able to service all clients extended workforces.”

“We will be staying here in Boston, and I suspect we will be adding a lot more people over time as we build out our solutions,” he added.

The statement from Adecco said:

Both companies will maintain their individual identities and continue functioning much as they have prior to the merger. And while Beeline and OnForce will integrate technologies, the merger will not directly impact either company’s relationships with current customers or partners.

“This is a great opportunity, it will provide our existing employees greater opportunity fo career growth, it will create new job opportunities as we build out new offerings with Beeline. It’s really a win-win,” Cannone said.

No terms were disclosed for the deal, but the announcement on Adecco’s website said, “The transaction will not have a material financial impact on the Adecco Group.” OnForce has raised $26.8 million from North Atlantic Capital, Accel Partners, and General Catalyst.

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