Polaroid Project pops up in Providence


With today’s digital cameras, all photos are instant photos. But for people of a certain age, instant photography means the self-developing films created by the legendary Cambridge company Polaroid.

Now a pair of entrepreneurs in Providence is resurrecting the Polaroid tradition, through a pop-up camera shop that’s open between now and August 22. At the Polaroid Project, visitors can purchase classic Polaroid cameras and film, or borrow a camera and use it to shoot images of the city. They can also get  free Polaroid self-portraits.

“We are a reminder that it didn’t start with Instagram and it doesn’t end with it either,” said project founders Devan Durante and Brandon Lane via e-mail. “We are fostering an analog experience in a digital world. We are inviting folks to slow down, compose an image, and embrace a technology that offers true instant gratification.”

The Polaroid Project will offer free portraits and loaner cameras until August 15.  Between August 18 and 22, it will host a display of images shot by visitors. For more information, visit www.PVDpolaroid.com.

Hiawatha Bray is a technology reporter for the Boston Globe. E-mail him at h_bray@globe.com.
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