The Capital Network adopts Greenhorn Connect, student-focused networking organization

Greenhorn founder Jason Evanish with Samantha Hammar, executive director of The Capital Network.
Greenhorn founder Jason Evanish with Samantha Hammar, executive director of The Capital Network.

A non-profit that helps entrepreneurs learn how to raise money is absorbing Greenhorn Connect, an organization founded five years ago to help students and recent grads connect with the local startup scene.

The merger was just finalized this morning. The Capital Network will continue running several of Greenhorn’s flagship events, like the career-oriented Greenhorn Summit and RamenCamp, and will also maintain Greenhorn’s online calendar of networking events and workshops.

Greenhorn founder Jason Evanish moved to San Francisco in 2012, and though others continue to maintain the site and organize events locally, “one of the challenges has always been that we’re resource-constrained,” Evanish says. Plus, “it’s hard to be on the pulse of what the tech ecosystem in Boston needs and fill gaps when you’re not there all the time. So this is me bowing out and being happy with the spotlight being on an organization that can take it to the next level.” Evanish says he’ll continue to advise and help “when TCN needs it.”

TCN executive director Samantha Hammar says that her organization has always tried to bring student entrepreneurs to its events, and has worked with Greenhorn to help reach them. But adopting the Greenhorn site and some of its events “provides an opportunity to engage people even earlier in the lifecycle of being an entrepreneur,” she says. TCN and Greenhorn are working together on a series of student dinners in the fall that will connect student entrepreneurs with founders who are further along, and others in the tech ecosystem. The first is scheduled for next month.

TCN board member Jeremy Halpern of the law firm Nutter McLennan & Fish helped facilitate the combination. Paul Hlatky of Yesware, who took over as executive director at Greenhorn after Evanish’s move west, will join TCN’s advisory board. Hammar says other key Greenhorn team members will shift over to helping TCN on a part-time basis. Greenhorn didn’t have any full-time employees; TCN has two.

Evanish says he’s working on a new startup called Lighthouse, focused on building tools to help managers.

BetaBoston carries Greenhorn’s weekly run-down of event highlights.

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