With Crashlytics Answers, Twitter gets deeper into the realm of mobile app development


A little more than a month ago, after remaining quiet after its acquisition by Twitter for over a year, Crashlytics launched its second product, Beta. Today, hot on the heels of that product release, Crashlytics is announcing the deployment of another new product, Answers by Crashlytics.

Crashlytics Beta added to the company’s namesake mobile app crash reporting software by adding the ability for app developers to invite users for app beta tests. Beta was Twitter/Crashlytics’s response to Apple’s acquisition of Burstly, the parent company for mobile testing platform TestFlight.

With the release of Crashlytics Answers, the Twitter company is expanding its suite of products by creating a software solution that gives real time metrics for app growth, engagement, and stability.

Crashlytics/Twitter product manager Brian Swift said that feedback from users led to the development of the new product. “The way that it came about is that we had heard from our customers that, in addition to crash reporting and beta distribution, there was clearly a need to provide more messages around not only stability, but also growth,” he said. “So we updated the SDK to enable this feature without any code required by the developer.”

With Answers, Crashlytics users “get a stream of metrics to observe the health and quality of the user base but also the growth,” Swift added.

“Rather than having a suite of endless amounts of metrics we have really wanted to be opinionated and and provide [users] messages that matter in a way that’s easy to digest and doesn’t require lots of digging.”

The new product can also alert companies when something has changed in any of their key metrics, be that rises and falls in user growth or issues effecting the stability of an app.

“We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from our beta testers that they love using Answers and could watch it all day,” Swift said. He added that existing Crashlytics customers can get access the product, starting today, in a matter of minutes.

The launch of a product like Answers is another foray for Twitter into the realm of application development and health monitoring, through Crashlytics, that allows the company to be an intermediary in app development for competitors’ mobile platforms such as Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. In essence, every new product that Crashlytics creates that developer fall in love with allows Twitter to sink its teeth into the backend of what people are doing to innovate for Apple and Google.

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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