Applause and IBM partner to bring app quality to enterprise


App quality company Applause, based in Framingham, announced a strategic partnership with IBM this morning to develop collaborative application quality and performance tools for enterprises.

The two firms have previously worked together on mobile app quality solutions to help companies of all sizes and today’s announcement means that going forward, IBM will rely on Applause to bring its enterprise customers one of the best products for testing and analyzing app performance from development to app store deployment and beyond.

Matt Johnston, Applause’s chief marketing and strategy officer, explained that the two companies have been talking for awhile.

“About a year ago we started to have some conversations about how we view the present and future of mobile, and about the apps economy in general,” he said.  Most of the discussions between IBM and Applause focused on how best to achieve application quality, dependability, and performance, especially when it comes to larger companies, Johnston added.

The new IBM and Applause strategic partnership came to fruition because both companies “view the world the same way,” Johnston said.

“We have similar philosophies and beliefs about how the ‘apps economy’ is going to work when it come to app quality.”

For IBM, Applause allows them to add more mobile-focused tools to their growing suite of enterprise offerings focused on application development. For Applause, the partnership makes them more visible to an even wider audience, IBM’s massive global enterprise customer base.

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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