Baxter gets faster as Rethink gives its worker robot an upgrade

Earlier today, Rethink Robotics announced that Baxter, the safe interactive manufacturing robot, has received an upgrade.

With new Intera 3 software, the Boston-based company says that Baxter is twice as fast and twice as precise, and is now able to perform a broader range of applications and tasks, such as tending to more machines that are dangerous for humans, packing and unpacking product parts, line loading and unloading, and “kitting” (grouping and packaging products together).

The company is emphasizing that Baxter’s improvements are not hardware-related, meaning that those who already use the robot can improve Baxter’s performance with just a software update.

Scott Eckert, chief executive at Rethink Robotics, said of the upgrade: “We’ve told our customers that our robots will get better and better through software.”

Along with the video above, the company also released a promotional video that can be seen below. (We haven’t quite decided yet whether the promotion video is funny and cute or a sign of the robot apocalypse.)

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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