MIT spins out another Kickstarter hit: A connected light and sound system, from Belleds Technologies

(Image via Belleds Technologies)
(Image via Belleds Technologies)

Yesterday, Kyle Alspach reported that Dragon Innovation was shifting its focus away from its Kickstarter-like hardware crowdfunding services and into providing what it is calling “manufacturability” services for crowdfunding projects.

One local company, Belleds Technologies, launched a Kickstarter campaign Monday night that has the official certification from Dragon Innovation as a hardware crowdfunding partner. (They even have a nifty little badge on the campaign site acknowledging that they are “Dragon Certified.”)

Belleds, borne out of MIT and the MIT Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship, makes a smart home lighting system that consists of energy efficient LED lights and a central hub that connects, through a mobile device, music to the “mood” lighting. The “Q,” as Belleds is calling the device, can create light shows that “intelligently” react to song choice, can create certain light patterns based on a user’s mood, and can create customized light shows based on playlists.

Built around the “Q Station” WiFi router, the system gives users the option to synchronize any music to the Q Bulbs whether from a computer, Internet music streams, wireless speakers connected to a mobile device, and even music on a USB drive.

Made up of a mix of MIT undergrads, MIT Sloan School of Business students, and Ph.D candidates, Belleds was selected as “Audience Choice” award winner at the MIT Clean Energy Prize awards.

Launching with a goal of raising $100,000 by July 16, Belleds has already raised more than $30,000 for the Q. The company plans to ship the Q product to backers by December of this year.

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