Which Boston angels get to spend Atlas Venture’s money? (list)

Some old and new Boston Syndicate members at Row 34 (image via Wayne Chang)
Some old and new Boston Syndicate members at Row 34 (image via Wayne Chang)

Atlas Venture entertained a group of “angels” Thursday night at Row 34 in Fort Point in hopes of expanding Boston Syndicates, a kind of investment club whose members can put $250,000 of Atlas money behind every deal they make.

We told you about the group and this dinner party on Monday but didn’t know who was invited. As you can see on the list below, there’s a mix of experienced and novice angel investors.

Atlas partner Jeff Fagnan acknowledges the group, launched in December, is an experiment that may not work out. But the idea is that successful entrepreneurs can identify others and point the venture firm to businesses it might otherwise miss.

It’s also a fast way to inject more capital into early stage companies. A $20,000 check from a Boston Syndicates angel can instantly become a $270,000 investment with the backing of Atlas.

Technically there is no minimum investment for member angels, but they must chip in a “significant” amount of their own money. Atlas gives them full control to pick the startups, and will give angels 20 percent of any profits made on their investments.

There are just a few parameters: Startups must be based in Massachusetts, must be in the technology and life science sectors and — fun fact — must not be in the business of selling pork products. Apparently Atlas has some Middle Eastern investors who would object.

Here’s the dinner list (bolded names are current Boston Syndicates members):

  • Jim Baum, ex-Netezza, Endeca
  • David Cancel, Performable
  • Steve Chambers, Nuance
  • Brian Chemel, Digital Lumens
  • Tom Ebling, Demandware
  • Paul English, Blade
  • Chase Garbarino, BostInno
  • Jeff Glass, Skyhook Wireless
  • Diane Hessan, Communispace
  • Janet Holian, Gemvara
  • Doron Kempel, SimpliVity
  • Janet Kraus, Peach
  • Jennifer Lum, Adelphic Mobile
  • Trapper Markelz, Meyou Health
  • John McEleney, Onshape
  • Scott Miller, Dragon Innovation
  • Vinay Mohta, Kyruus
  • Mick Mountz, Kiva
  • Steve Papa, Endeca
  • Doron Reuveni, Applause
  • Jason Robins, DraftKings
  • Chris Savage, Wistia
  • Darmesh Shah, HubSpot
  • Niraj Shah, Wayfair
  • Bret Siarkowski, Causemo
  • Josh Summers, Clypd
  • Corey Thomas, Rapid7
  • Elias Torres, Hubspot
  • Cory von Wallenstein, Dyn
  • Lars Albright, Session M
  • Mike Baker, DataXu
  • Dennis Baldwin, Breakaway Innovation Group
  • David Chang, PayPal
  • Wayne Chang, Twitter
  • Hugh Crean, ex-Farecast
  • Walt Doyle, ex-WHERE
  • Art Papas, Bullhorn
  • Andrew Paradise, Skillz
  • Jit Saxena, Netezza
  • Fred Shilmover, InsightSquared
  • Brian Shin, Visible Measures
  • Harry Sverdlove, Bit9
  • Cheng Wu, Ericcson

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