6 college startup programs beyond Harvard and MIT

Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

In Massachusetts, innovation isn’t limited to the usual suspects. Here are some of BetaBoston’s favorite college entrepreneurship programs.

For 10 weeks at Boston University’s Urban Business Accelerator, teams provide computer and financial literacy education for small businesses, one cog in the school’s aggressive entrepreneurship efforts.

Northeastern’s IDEA accelerator provides students with the mentorship and resources to bring a business from concept to fruition. Students are eligible for up to $10,000 in gap funding and can pursue their venture full time for six months instead of a traditional co-op experience.

Bunker Hill Community College offers a range of entrepreneurship degrees and certificates and a Center for Entrepreneurship where students can make connections to move ideas forward. Recent businesses spawned out of BHCC include a real estate company focused on landlord-tenant relationships and a vegan ice-cream distributor.

University of Massachusetts campuses in Lowell, Boston, and Amherst all provide some entrepreneurial support. Amherst’s focus is on applied research and industry engagement; Lowell emphasizes medical device development and social innovation; in Boston the Venture Development Center has a team of entrepreneurs in residence supporting ideas. 

Emerson’s E3 Program concludes with an exposition where students vie for funding. E3 successes include the social wine tasting gatherings of Second Glass and cold brew tea from EvyTea.

In just two years, Wentworth Institute of Technology’s Accelerate has seen 23 teams receive $113,000 in gap funding, for ideas ranging from cyber-bullying prevention to iced coffee Keurig adapters.

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