Seven Harvard Innovation Lab startups to watch

Co-founders of Six Foods Rose Wang and Laura D'Asaro. (Photo by Evgenia Eliseeva)
Co-founders of Six Foods Rose Wang and Laura D'Asaro. (Photo by Evgenia Eliseeva)

Today Handybook solidified its place as the best-funded alum of the Harvard Innovation Lab, announcing a $30 million round to expand its on-demand housecleaning and handyman service.

The startup, now based in New York City, has raised $49 million in funding since its launch in 2012 by two Harvard Business School students (who later dropped out to focus on the company).

Other startups that have raised significant funding after launching inside the Innovation Lab include Plastiq, service allowing credit card payments for more purchases, such as tuition and rent ($8.6 million); RallyPoint, professional networking site for current and former military members ($6.6 million); and Philo, live TV online for college students ($6.3 million).

Below are seven companies at the Innovation Lab in Allston, which have come onto my radar recently, that could be joining this list before long:

Alfred — shared butler service that offers weekly help with household chores for $99 per month (read more)

Experfyconsulting marketplace where companies hire experts for data, analytics, business intelligence, and market intelligence projects (read more)

HourlyNerdonline marketplace linking MBAs with businesses for part-time or freelance work (read more)

Faze1Web-based platform that helps solar power companies pinpoint their best prospects (read more)

OpportunitySpaceWeb-based tools that help cities turn their messy records about publicly-owned assets into an organized inventory (read more)

Seratismobile app for better communication among hospital staff, with the aim of reducing medical errors cause by miscommunication (read more)

Six Foods delicious food from insects as a healthier and more sustainable protein source (read more)

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