The 14 Mass. startups in this year’s Cleantech Open accelerator

EcoVent is the maker of a more efficient heating and cooling vent.
EcoVent is the maker of a more efficient heating and cooling vent.

The 2014 Cleantech Open Northeast, an accelerator and business competition for cleantech and cleanweb startups, has accepted 14 startups from Massachusetts out of its total of 38 teams.

The teams from Massachusetts include Techstars grad ecoVent, whose novel heating and cool system allows for each room’s temperature to be individually controlled, and Greentown Labs resident Sol Power, maker of outdoor solar charging stations for cell phones.

The program provides assistance such as mentorship and also puts its finalists in the running for prizes worth $20,000 at the regional level and up to $200,000 for finalists that move on to the national Cleantech Open competition.

Here are the details on the 14 startups, provided by Cleantech Open Northeast:

Agriculture- Water- Waste


  • Brighton, MA
  • Drinkwell organizes existing community resources into franchises to create water businesses in arsenic and fluoride-affected areas by providing water filtration technology and business tools. Drinkwell taps into the entrepreneurial spirit within communities to create jobs, generate income, and improve health outcomes.

Chemicals & Advanced Materials

MetaComb Inc.

  • Somerville, MA
  • MetaComb Inc (MCI) has developed, and now commercializing MetaComb™ Material (MCM)- patented light, rigid-board, environmentally sustainable material platform — an ideal alternative to wood for constructing shipping crates. MCM crates are 50% lighter and occupy less volume than wooden crates.  Substantial savings are realized by reducing the weight and volume of shipping containers.


  • Somerville, MA
  • Menon Laboratories is developing a platform for highly differentiated products and solutions targeting filtration & separation applications based on proprietary nanomaterials. We offer highly robust and low-cost filtration solutions for a variety of applications related to water treatment. Specifically, proof-of-concept tests for water-oil separation have been demonstrated and we are in the prototype development stage.

Energy Distribution & Storage

Sol Power LLC

  • Somerville, MA
  • We are limited to indoor charging options, whenever we’re enjoying the outdoors and running low on charge in our devices, we’re forced back inside in search of an electrical outlet. So we developed a solar charging stations for phones, that is free to end users and monetized through on station.

Energy Efficiency


  • Cambridge, MA
  • ecoVent solves the problem of uncomfortable temperatures in your home by replacing your old forced air vents with new wireless vents that can open and close automatically to direct warm or cold air where it’s needed most. It easily installs in hours, immediately increases comfort and pays for itself in less than three years through massive energy savings.


  • Cambridge, MA
  • By leveraging tools from statistical physics GreenAnalytix provides tools neccessary energy efficiency at the city scale by identifying which buildings will benefit the most from retrofit, which retrofit scenarios are most cost effective, and which building owners are most likely to purchase a given retrofitting plan.

Energy Generation

Avalanche Energy

  • Somerville, MA
  • Our unique double parabolic reflector design minimizes the visual impact to the home while simultaneously lowering initial retail cost and increasing return on investment to the homeowner.  Our vision of the solar future leverages this unit to eventually replace all energy use in the home – from hot water to electricity.


  • Chestnut Hill, MA
  • Kanoot will bring affordable anaerobic processing to the developing world to become the de facto waste removal service and local gas supply, later iterating equipment to meet further basic needs as they are identified, building up critical infrastructure systems in currently underdeveloped regions.

NovaGen Power Solutions

  • Jamaica Plain, MA
  • Nigeria is experiencing rapid urbanization as well as a growing middle class, which puts a strain on already poor power and waste infrastructures. NovaGen will partner with property managers to provide anaerobic digesters to turn waste into biogas for power generation so as to displace diesel, while incentivizing waste sorting practices by residents.

SubSea Energy North America (SSENA)

  • Natick, MA
  • SSENA is an Early to Mid-Stage venture micro-hydro turbine renewable energy system developer with a standing order for 1,000 units upon successful final R&D, field-testing and commercialization.  SSENA’s mission is to develop proprietary river and tidal hydrokinetic energy systems.

Information & Communications Technologies (ICT)

1Efficiency, Inc.

  • Newton, MA
  • 1efficiency is a cloud-based software and services company empowering customers to visualize, monitor, manage and optimize electric, water and gas consumption across a portfolio of their buildings.


  • Charlestown, MA
  • CleanPowerPerks revolutionizes clean energy marketing by re-envisioning the customer experience at each lifecycle stage. Americans choose clean power through our web directory (we refer them to providers) + get rewarded with perks from member brands (clean-powered businesses), benefitting our clients.


  • Cambridge, MA
  • CrowdComfort offers building owners, operators, and occupants a new and powerful way to share information about comfort, maintenance, and safety issues with an easy to use smart device application.  Our subscription-based model allows us to share the timestamped, geo-located reports we collect on a custom mobile and web portal, allowing facility managers to pinpoint energy and operational saving opportunities.



  • Cambridge, MA
  • Blackburn is a design and engineering company that invented a proprietary mash-up of hybrid technologies creating break-through efficiencies that will solve the $4.8 Billion industry loss resulting from idle trucking time. Our solution eliminates 2,400 gallons of diesel fuel which produces 21 tons of CO2 and 0.3 tons of NOx, per long haul truck, per year.

Kyle Alspach has worked in journalism in Massachusetts since 2005 and was one of the original staff writers at BetaBoston.
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