Atlas adding new members to its AngelList Boston Syndicates: Who’ll be involved?

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In the Boston Globe today, Cal Borchers reported that Atlas Venture will be adding new members to its AngelList syndicate, Boston Syndicates.

Like last year’s “secret” dinner, Atlas will be bringing 16 of Boston’s best and brightest entrepreneurs together at Row 34 to let them know that, if they choose, Atlas will back their personal angel investing “Syndicate” on AngelList with $250,000 per deal. 

AngelList Syndicates was a product launched last year as a way for individual angel investors to add more money to funding rounds they essentially “lead,” by allowing other “backers” with them as part of the deal. Backers often have to match the amount of money that the Syndicate lead is investing, and the lead angel investor gets to select who joins the funding round.

Some of the more popular AngelList Syndicates include one’s led by Four-Hour Workweek guru Tim Ferriss, Jason Calacanis of This Week in Startups and the LAUNCH Festival, and AngelList founder and Maiden Lane advisor Naval Ravikant.

Members of Boston Syndicates, who accepted the unique offer from Atlas and partner Jeff Fagan last year, include Crashlytics Wayne Chang, Paypal Boston’s David Chang, Streetwise Media founder Chase Garbarino, Bullhorn’s Art Pappas, DataXu’s Mike Baker, Bit9 CTO Harry Sverdlove, investor and guy Walt Doyle, Jit Saxena founder of Netezza, Session M’s Lars Albright, Fred Shilmover of InsightSquared, Andrew Paradise of Skillz, Dennis Baldwin of Breakaway Ventures, Hugh Crean of Farecast, and Visible Measures founder Brian Shin.

Each of the local entrepreneurs and investors mentioned above have been given the opportunity to invest through AngelList and have Atlas add $250,000 to the round of funding. Some of the investors also have Syndicates backed by Maiden Lane, the AngelList investment firm that is a partnership between Atlas, AngelList, and select Atlas LPs and is led by Atlas partner Dustin Dolginow.

Also of note is that Atlas Venture is one of the earliest VC firms to back AngelList.

So who may be heading to Row 34 for Thursday’s Boston Syndicate “ask”?

Don’t be shocked if Objective Logistics’ Phil Beauregard and/or Matt Grace joins up (although both are pretty busy right now with their own company and side project ReKindle, and Beauregard denied that he was going to be part of Boston Syndicates).

Jennifer Lum of Adelphic is already pretty active in angel investing, as are former Acquia CEO Jay Batson, jack-of-all-trades and Smarterer/BzzAgent guy Dave Balter, and MIT Media Lab’s Joi Ito.

The “Bridge Boys” StarStreet founder Jeremy Levine and CoachUp’s Jordan Fliegel could also make the cut along with Intrepid Pursuits’ Mark Kasdorf and Streetwise Media’s Greg Gomer.

HubSpot already has a trio of active AngelList investors including Dharmesh Shah, David Cancel, and Mike Volpe. Volpe’s brother Drew is also a smart angel investor who could get the Boston Syndicates call up.

Dunwello’s Matt Lauzon, former Celtra COO David George, Ty Danco of BuysideFX, and TUGG’s David Brown are also all potential new Boston Syndicates members.

Atlas partner Jeff Fagnan mentioned in an email that the goal of Boston Syndicates is to “run the group with 25 to 30 select lead “angels” for the next year and see how things work.”

He also added, “We very much believe in learning by doing.”

We’ll have to wait until Thursday to find out who is in, and who is out.

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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