Local entrepreneur fighting to get Boston high school students a prom

Another Course to College (image by Puchku -under Creative Commons)
Another Course to College (image by Puchku -under Creative Commons)

Noah Gordon, the founder of automobile tech startup Jaze, is at a critical point for the success of his company. Jaze, a MassChallenge grad, is trying to make a few key partnerships with companies in the auto industry, and Gordon is in the midst of major fundraising (with some recent success I’ve heard) and is trying to find investors that match his vision as the company grows.

So why did Gordon just decide to take on the cause of a local high school that just had its prom cancelled?

Gordon has been teaching entrepreneurship as a mentor in the Boston Public School system for BUILD this school year, and was at the Another Course to College school in Allston-Brighton yesterday afternoon. While there, the principal announced that the prom scheduled for this weekend would have to be cancelled due to high costs and low ticket sales.

So Gordon reached out to the teacher for the class in which he was a mentor and the prom coordinator to ask if he could help them make the prom happen.

“That’s not right,” Gordon said. “Every senior should have a prom.” 

Another Course to College is a small high school in the Boston Public School system, and has 60 seniors.

When I saw Gordon reaching out to people for help on Twitter, I asked what he needed to make the prom go on as planned.

Gordon said he is trying to raise money from members of the tech community, with some success, but still needs a venue, a volunteer DJ, and (age appropriate) food and beverage donations.

“The venue is the critical piece of the puzzle,” he emphasized.

Gordon has already connected with some event planners who are going to donate their time and has received some financial donations.

However, he has spent most of today reaching out to local tech venues, including Microsoft NERD, to see if they will be willing to let the school use the space. Ideally, the site would have T access to make it easier for the students to attend the event.

Gordon doesn’t have that much time to work with as the event was planned for this Friday, a date he is still trying to hold to.

If anyone would like to help Gordon on his mission to get the school its prom, you can email him at [email protected]. Additionally, Gordon set up a donation page for the event on Fundly.com.

(As for the Jaze fundraising round, it is on hold until after Friday, but I’m sure Gordon will start taking calls again after he makes Friday’s prom a success.)

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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