Crashlytics founder Wayne Chang tweets $16,204.96 Uber spree in the past year


What do you do after selling your company to Twitter for more than $100 million? Tap a little more freely with the Uber account, apparently.


Chang’s well known for a track record of entrepreneurial success, with the Crashlytics’ acquisition being the biggest win. He’s now taken the title of Twitter’s global head of developer experience and a major role in developing Twitter’s local presence. He’s also inspired a parody account of (generally) fictional excess. But despite the frequent rides in luxury (if the summary is just a year’s worth of Ubering, that’s $44 a day), Chang still finds time to get down in the trenches with customer support:

Wayne, whose brashness stands out in a generally understated New England culture, have also inspired an account that imagine a thriftier model, maybe in an alternate universe where Chang was one of the acquihires instead of leading a blockbuster acquisition:

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