‘Silicon Valley’ is not really for the tech community


I’ve only watched one episode of “Silicon Valley.” That’s all I’ve been able to handle.

The HBO show, as Callum Borchers points out today on the Globe’s front page, is obviously over the top, but contains plenty that’s true to life in the tech startup world.

Which doesn’t necessarily make it a good show for the people in that world — even if they’re in the much smaller Boston version of it.

“I am surrounded by it,” said Frank Pobutkiewicz, founder of Cambridge’s College Apprentice. “Why am I going to go home and watch it?”

My reaction exactly. I can embrace Mike Judge’s previous office comedy, “Office Space,” because I don’t have to file the equivalent of TPS reports or have eight bosses.

It’s harder for me with “Silicon Valley.” Watching entrepreneurs pitch investors, discuss algorithms, and debate whether or not to sell their startup just makes me feel like I’m still at work.

But of course, “Silicon Valley” isn’t meant to be watched only by people in the startup world. Its core audience is probably viewers who are curious about the current tech boom, but are outside it.

Nonetheless: The show is a zeitgeisty thing that the tech community should probably keep up on. But perhaps watching it should be done on the clock.

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Kyle Alspach has worked in journalism in Massachusetts since 2005 and was one of the original staff writers at BetaBoston.
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