Dunwello trying to get lucky with Vegas engineering team (plus preview of the app)

(Image from Boston.com Finds)
(Image from Boston.com Finds)

Matt Lauzon, the cofounder and chief executive of workplace happiness startup Dunwello, is best known for building Gemvara, the e-commerce jewelry company, from his dorm room at Babson to one of Boston’s biggest consumer startups with a shop on Newbury Street.

Lauzon is also known for being a big supporter of the Boston tech scene and having an active presence on Twitter, often playing elaborate online “pranks” on his fellow founders and entrepreneurs.

So when he tweeted last week that Dunwello was looking to expand in Las Vegas, immediately we called “shenanigans.”

However, there may be some truth to Lauzon’s claim this time.

While Dunwello, which is currently based in the WeWork office by South Station, isn’t moving out to the Nevada desert anytime soon, the startup may be looking to make a key hire in Sin City, in essence creating a Las Vegas office. One of Dunwello’s initial investors by the way is the VegasTechFund, started by Zappos.com co-founder Tony Hsieh.

Lauzon said he’s not looking to move Dunwello to Vegas, but is interested in building a team there. He said that he has spent a lot a time with the Vegas tech community, including getting to know the VegasTechFund folks. “It’s a fantastic community that we would absolutely love to have an office in.”

Additionally, word on the street is that the company has received multiple term sheets from some pretty impressive investors/firms looking to get in on an expected Series A round of funding. However, Lauzon refused to comment on the rumors of new funding, only saying, “There has been a ton of interest around Dunwello.”

Judging from the reactions of Dunwello beta testers, like OneMightyRoar, RunKeeper, and others, who engage with Lauzon on Twitter, the product, which is still under wraps, may actually live up to all the buzz that has surrounded it thus far.

Luckily, we don’t have to speculate anymore as an anonymous beta user was kind enough to drop a little training video on how Dunwello works into our mailbox.

What stands out is a full picture of not only how the app works and what it looks like, but also a glimpse into the Dunwello team as it exists today. The team is comprised of Matt Brand, who is a cofounder of the company, as well as Mo Zhu, formerly of Launch Academy, and John Clark, the founder of Indivly Magic.

Enjoy this sneak peak of Dunwello:

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