Conspicuous consumption has a new hashtag: #AmazonCart


Amazon Retail

Amazon has taken one more painful step out of its already patentedly short buying process: Now, instead of having to actually use Amazon’s website or apps to put an item in your cart (the horror), users can just reply to any tweet with an Amazon product link with the hashtag #AmazonCart, and Amazon will go ahead and get it ready for order.

For example, Ubisoft tweeted out a link for its upcoming action game Watch Dogs, and encouraged fans to reply with the hashtag to start the pre-order process:

If users had their account properly linked, Amazon sent the buyer a quick confirmation and instructions to finish up their purchase:

And if they didn’t, Amazon asked them to link their account:

Now, #AmazonCart doesn’t actually make the purchase: After a 140-character fueled shopping spree you’ll still have to actually go to Amazon to purchase, but it does make it easier to impulse shop, particularly for mobile users or those using a Twitter app.

It also makes it easier to shopping stalk, either by searching for the hashtag or just visiting the @MyAmazon page, if, you really want to see, for instance, who is stocking up on pineapple slicers.

Honestly, I think it’s smart of Amazon to play off a wave of oversharing, but I’ll be more impressed when they introduce #AmazonDrone and fly the stuff right to me.

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